Importance of reviews for online reputation management

Do you have a company, brand, product, service or event and you want it to reach new customers successfully?

A study carried out by MOZ, a website specialized in digital marketing with multiple tools to help companies appear on the Internet, showed that online reviews impact 67.7% of the purchasing decisions of the users surveyed, and 54.7% believe that comments and opinions on the Internet are an important part of their process for making a purchase decision. In short, reviews for online reputation are a key element to gain the trust of potential customers who believe more in a recommendation of family, friends and customers than the company itself.

In summary, businesses that are trying to win public on the Internet, should strive to get good reviews about their business, activity, etc .., It depends on this start flirting with the online community.

But is this so simple? How to encourage customers to leave a comment or ratings?

The reviews or ratings of users and customers is given to the naked eye by a good search engine positioning, but behind the scenes there are a series of actions that will allow your business or website to climb positions among the many thousands of websites on the Internet. For example:

  • An attractive, intuitive website with an easy purchase process
  • Premium customer service; fast, personalized and exclusive
  • Useful blog content, value and quality.

In short, it is a question of combining a series of elements that, when combined, allow the user to perceive a good shopping experience.



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